Welcome to PrivatePlanets.Net

Getting Started

Once you are logged in there are a couple of useful things to know which can help make your experience at Private Planets easy and powerful at the same time.

Notice the bar at the top right of the page, this is called the Control Bar and provides options for updating your account, getting to different planets/sites and customizing your experience.  There are also a few buttons on the left edge of the page, please note that some features are only available when you are logged in and on a page where you have permissions to make changes.

  • The Add button allows you to add new pages and a wide variety of applications to any pages you have permission to be able to add to.  
  • The Preview button allows you to see the look and feel of the page depending on the type of device it will be viewed from.
  • The Edit button provides tools to change the layout, permissions or advanced options for the current page.
  • Edit Controls allows you to swith on/off the control features for individual applications on the page.  When checked each application window will show additional options and allow you to move applications around on the page.

Included with your user account at Private Planets is your very own Personal Planet.  This includes your public profile and your personal private pages or dashboard.  When you visit these pages you'll notice there is already a very basic template setup for you.  Add a wall, blog or other social media to your profile pages and invite others to visit.  We encourage you to remember that whatever you put on your public page is public to anyone who visits your planet unless you specifically change the permissions.

Your dashboard or private pages are exactly that - private!  If you want to share your private pages with someone you will need to invite them to it.  Once they are at your private site you can easily modify the permissions for any pages, applications or content to share with others.


Visit the Private Planets Headquarters for more information.